Zeaborn Crew Management is the crewing division of Zeaborn Ship Management. We recognise the importance of good and focused people management. That’s the major objective of the Zeaborn Crewing network.

The current pool of seafarers consists of approximately 4,000 highly skilled staff. All crewing activities are handled by experts, ensuring personal accountability. Furthermore, the network makes sure that crucial tasks like recruitment or crew change operations are executed according to Zeaborn’s high quality standards. Group-wide tailor-made training courses ensure uniform skills on board. That is how we meet our customers’ expectations in terms of quality, precision, reliability and economic efficiency.

Zeaborn Ship Management offers the full range of ship management activities (technical, crewing, operations and commercial) for container vessels, bulk carriers, multipurpose vessels and tankers. Office locations in Hamburg and Singapore guarantee smooth and reliable operation of the fleet.

Our understanding of values

Zeaborn Crew Management’s self-awareness is an important aspect for every employee. We have established the following commitment to values, which we live by very consciously:

  • We care about you – your safety has top priority
  • We put great emphasis on communication
  • We work in teams
  • We trust each other
  • We value transparency and therefore allow a fair access to relevant information
  • We work efficiently
  • We work professionally
  • We carry out our tasks with the greatest discipline

Every day our experience and enthusiasm for what we do is incorporated into our work. We see things from the perspective of our customers and thus we put our values at the service of the individual owners’ expectations, always having the following in mind:

  • To navigate safely
  • To ensure the safety of personnel
  • To be MARPOL-compliant
  • To protect the assets
  • To ensure constant operational readiness
  • To make sure that cargo is shipped safely
  • To enhance the owner’s reputation

Your benefits as a seafarer



We provide seafarers with opportunities to grow as professionals and to give them access to the resources they need to drive their own careers. We put great emphasis on performance reviews and career development, offering a wide range of advanced training programmes.


All our seafarers take part in certified, state-of-the-art training courses. We make sure that all seafarers at Zeaborn Crew Management are ideally prepared for the service on board the vessels.

Our training programmes include:

  • Tailor-made bridge resource management training
  • Ship handling courses
  • Engine simulator courses for electronically controlled engines
  • Energy efficiency training
  • Mooring training
  • Performance Support Programme (PSP) – personnel development and training on board
  • Computer based training solutions

  • Health Conscious Behavior Programs

  • Maritime Resource Management (MRM)

We hold regular fleet officer meetings to support interaction between our ship and shore personnel while encouraging intercultural communication.



Safety of our crews has top priority. This is one of the reasons DNV GL awarded us the DNV GL Excellence – 5 Stars certificate which attests reliable ship operation and confirms adherence to an established set of above-average safety, environmental and quality standards.

We strictly adhere to all applicable safety standards to minimise threats and risks to crew, ships and cargo, the environment and ultimately, our customers.

Read more about our Safety Celebration Zeaborn24.





Health Conscious Behaviour management

Exercise supports physical fitness, promotes sleep and even eases active relaxing – prerequisites for a professional work performance on board. We therefore created a special training program for seafarers – tailor-made for the needs on board.


Health Conscious Behaviour management
basketball on board

Your well-being at sea

As our crew, you can count on Zeaborn Ship Management to provide you with the amenities you value, e.g. on-board recreational facilities, a library and well equipped gym. You have Internet access to browse or communicate with your loved ones at home. You can also use social media, such as Facebook or Instagram, to keep in touch. What is more, you get comprehensive support from headquarters around the clock – we keep you updated on all company-related topics and more.

We offer you attractive employment conditions, a pre-departure briefing with the person in charge ashore prior to the assignment and we assure you a professional vacation and relief planning.




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